I need to change my approach


For the first three blogs (I think it is three) I really took my time to think out a good topic, take a few days to write down what I felt make sure everything was correct. Then I edited the blog once trying to fix any grammar mistake before sending it to my friend Daisy to edit them and then present them to y’all, this glorious mailing list. And I think that could go on if I had more free time, but alas with a toddler, another side project I am working on, friends and family to see, meals to cook, a house to clean, blah blah blah I don’t have time to take that approach. So I think I am going to change things because I still want to have a blog but it must fit in a much smaller time window. Perhaps in the future I can have them be well thought out and edited but as for now those things have to go. So these are the changes I will make:

I am going to quantity over quality which probably isn’t the best strategy but I don’t have time for quality and I don’t want to sacrifice time in other spaces. Hopefully they will still be interesting and entertaining to read. -Gary