Monopoly The Game


Oddly enough I had a dream about this and I thought it would make a good blog post. This will be a departure from the previous two blog posts I have done which are more thoughtful and reflective, I am not sure if it is a good idea but here goes.

The game of Monopoly is one of my least favorite games for numerous reasons, it is very long, there are few choices, the mechanics are boring, the pacing is slow, and I always have a terrible time playing. My wife loves the game -I think mainly due to nostalgia- but I keep trying to get her to throw it out when we have cleaning sessions. I have only played the classic version, here is a copy of the rules: . Also the rules call for an auction when someone declines buying a property and I have never played with that rule -perhaps doing that would help the game be mildly more interesting but I doubt it.

I was curious to see alternate rules for monopoly so here is a google search for Monopoly house rules: . There are lots of interesting results but I mostly took inspiration from the mechanics of playing other board games.

So I wanted to float some house rules to totally change the game of monopoly and hopefully fix the things that I find broken. You as a player should make decisions that are meaningful and impact the game, the game should be shorter, and the pace should pick up and peak towards the end. Here is a list of some of the mechanics I do not like:

  1. Rolling dice to move around is very random and doesn’t give you a lot of opportunity for strategy
  2. There is no scaling to the number of players, if you play with two people or with eight people everyone starts with $1.5K dollars and so in the latter case you are flooded with money
  3. The optimal strategy is always to buy all of the property you land on, there is not a lot else to do with money so you mostly want to buy everything and trade it when advantageous
  4. If you get lucky and get a monopoly you are in a super strong position because you can scale with houses and hotels. It is hard for other players to catch up.
  5. Open ended trading takes forever. Unless your group puts some kind of social pressure you could be stuck with players prolonging routes with one side deal after another
  6. Jail is an odd mechanic. You can still collect rent in jail while incurring no risk of hitting other player’s properties, an ideal end game position
  7. Going first gives you a strong advantage

There are just some of the issues I see. So my goal in introducing the following rules is to reduce the randomness and give players many more options.

I did play a homebrewed version with my wife and the game did feel better after using some of the tweaks above -still- not amazing but much better. I think it could be perfected more but I can only play Monopoly so many times before I long for a different game like Agricola, Puerto Rico, or the like.