My previous blog mentioned physical things around my house and how it makes me feel. I have been reflecting about it and want to add a few more musings on the matter.

First, most things in my house really do bring me joy. I want to really emphasize this, and is the reason that people have so much stuff. I have been really happy baking recently, I bought some heavy cream from Costco and have been making cream biscuits (recipe: ). This has brought me a lot of joy and I need a lot of things to make it. Fridge for dairy storage, cream, flour, baking powder, salt, measuring cups, metallic bowls, mixing utensils, baking tray, parchment paper, oven, a sink for washing, sponges, plates, etc. That is a ton of stuff for making biscuits but definitely definitely worth it!

A tangent, it is nice when things are multipurpose, like a fridge or oven, those things are super general but get a lot more use than our specific gadgets like our pasta maker which only has a single purpose. Also I should make pasta.

And secondly, I can minimize the anxiety that stuff gives me and I really think organization is the key. If all of the stuff were kept in lumpy piles around the house I would go insane and burn my house down. But if you took the same stuff, organized it, and stored it, it wouldn’t give me a second thought. I try to keep things in their right place and often they go into a well labeled box in the garage. If things are in shelves, in book cases, dressers, the right compartments in the fridge, then I feel much better. I also really like being able to find things, if I know something is in my house but can’t find it I get frustrated. Also if I am in the kitchen and find something that belongs in the bedroom it is also frustrating.

Maybe this makes me high maintenance? But hopefully I can help do my fair share of cleaning in our house and make it a nice place for our family.