Everything Requires Maintenance


I try, and fail, to be a minimalist. I really like having less stuff party because I am bad at organizing it but mostly because stuff has a mental overhead and some maintenance cost.

Firstly everything has a mental overhead. Stuff that we are actively using makes me happy and has no overhead. Our couches, computers, TV, beds, and what not are great. Then there is stuff we dont us very often or at all, that stuff is more a neutral overhead. Out of sight out of mind for the most part. And lastly there is stuff that we don’t use but that I have to look at, for me that is a negative mental load. Like we have a bunch of our son’s toys even if I shove them in the garage I still have to look at them sometimes. And when I look at them I think about if I should be keeping them, what else I could be using the space for, etc. Perhaps this is just my personality but I constantly try to optimize my life and with a few exceptions, it is just more efficient to have less stuff. I would much rather donate the toys since they aren’t used. Additionally if our house is too messy I get anxious and then the stuff becomes an even bigger detriment.

Secondly everything needs maintenance. Every single thing. The couches, computers, TV, beds, spoons, plates, etc. all need maintenance. Even if you don’t think about it often, everything needs to be maintained or replaced. Sometimes will outlive me, maybe our spoons will, but most things I will have to fix or replace. Like the TV and computers are electronics and will break down. The couches, chairs, and beds will slowly wear down, lose their softness, and need to be replaced. Somethings can be fixed, like cars, bikes, cast iron skillets, and clothes. They can be mended or fixed if they break down.

I think the only thing I should do is focus on enjoying the things I have. And of course throw away things that I don’t use.