Hello World


Hi and welcome. I am trying to start this blog and hopefully will be able to put some meaningful content here on a weekly basis. I have started a few projects and let them go by the wayside so we will see if this is one of them.

Either way, I don’t have a super clear goal on the content I will produce for this website. I currently have a bunch of poems and short stories on here, and, I may continue to post creative writing. On the other hand I am inspired by a few other blogs: https://www.natesilver.net/ and https://martinfowler.com/. I do really think that words have enormous power and am trying to get better at using a “voice” that can convey a clear and concise message, that inspires action or thought. Hopefully I can get there one day.

Also I did decide to host this website myself instead of using something like https://substack.com/home or https://bearblog.dev/. They are both great options but I really want to flex my programming skills just a little bit. Plus I really want to own my own domain – I do think owning a domain is a key of owning your own content. If you blog on Twitter I am sure you can reach a lot of people really easily, but then I assume you are pretty locked into Twitter. But since I own https://www.garyhbutton.com, I can change the hosting service or the computers that the blog runs on, without anyone knowing. I have full control over the website, which is cool.

Wish me luck, let me know if you have any constructive or positive feedback.


Thanks for editing Daisy!